Welcome. I am a ceramicist, sculptor and educator living and working in Leverett, Massachusetts. The vessels and sculptures portrayed here represent a selection of my work. Please contact me regarding availability, prices and further description of these works and others.

Many of the large wheel-thrown stoneware and porcelain vessels are rooted in traditional Asian forms. I hope to make elegant yet quiet sculptural vessels with strong lines and gestures and I welcome serendipitous imperfections that arise during the throwing, glazing and firing processes.

The form to the left is my homage to the ancient Korean Maebyong (in Chinese, Meiping) which means prunus vase. Dating from the Koryo dynasty (953-1392) the Maebyong is thought to have been inspired by the female form and to have been used as a jar to hold wine or as a vase to hold a single plum blossom.

The white globular Full Moon Jar comes from the late Korean Chosen tradition (17th and 18th centuries). The Chosen leaders treasured moon jars because their form and color embodied Confusian virtues of simplicity and purity. Authentic moon jars are considered masterpieces or Korean art and are extremely rare.

I have always regarded these vessels as sculptures in their own right. However they are purely abstract. The study of figure sculpture challenges me to create forms that are representational, that have something to say about humans and their condition. The portrait I made of my father is one attempt to do this.